Artist Statement


“My goal as a multi-discipinary artist is to make my voice heard, to empower others, and to reach my full potential
through art, photography, acting and directing.These different passions keep me evolving and diving deeper; executing
my vision in new ways. I am a storyteller and my photography has always been inspired by filmmaking, and my acting
has has been a healthy outlet to express my life, so that others may have the courage to do the same. Each of these art
forms that I practice have a major influence on each other; not only do they push my mind to higher forms of creativity,
they all inform one another.
As a child, I watched so many movies and wondered where were the real Native stories?Why aren’t we accurately
depicted in media, and why are non-Natives portraying us? This drove me to pursue creative modes like photography,
film-making, acting, and directing. Because I was orphaned very young, moving from place to place, I did not know
many of my Soboba and Navajo relations, or cultural traditions. I never had the chance to visit art museums nor to be
schooled by other successful Native artists; I didn’t know that existed. Due to the lack of proper education, I thought that
my people weren’t meant for greatness.When I was old enough, I connected with my family and people, determined
to assert my identity and to help give people that knowledge I didn’t have access to. Once I was ready, I hit the ground
running to make my dreams a reality.
My work gives respect to our history as Native Americans and transcends non-Native’s views and imaginings; educating
them that we are here to stay. I also feel it mentors and brings awareness to our native youth, encouraging them to
reach for the stars.”