Robert I Mesa (Navajo/ Soboba) is writer, artist, photographer and actor working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.He studied filmmaking at the Institute of American IndianArts. He had an exhibition at the Ningbo Museum of Art inNingbo, China (2016), where he was an artist-in-residence. While there he completed Fort Defiance, a documentarythat followed a creative exchange between Native Americanand Chinese traditions, viewpoints, and histories, instigatingnew cultural dialogue between distant peoples. As an actor, he recently traveled to New Zealand to playthe esteemed role of Tecumseh in an upcoming mini-seriestitled Frontiersman (2018), executive produced by LeonardoDiCaprio.As a self-taught photographer, he initially began to train hiseye for filmmaking. His photography lead to documentingnumerous acclaimed Native American artists, including Bob Haozous, with whom he shared a debut photographyexhibition with. Mesa’s experience in journalism forpublications like Native Peoples and The Navajo Timesinformed investigations into his own Navajo and Sobobaheritage. Through video work, photography, and by cultivatingan acting persona, he aims to raise cultural awarenessregarding empowerment within identity. Musicians, wildlife,sports, and fashion all fall under Mesa’s broad lens, capturinghis world through a burgeoning vision. He has participated inmultiple art markets including The Autry (Los Angeles), theHeard (Phoenix), and the Santa Fe Indian Market.